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Voyage in World History, CD-ROM (Win)
This product offers a panorama of the history of humanity, from the appearance of the first man on earth to today.
Combining the global view of historic-geographic maps with graphic animation and visual and audio-visual documents, the CD-ROM offers more than 55 scenarios to study history with free association of data. Each scenario is preceded by a 3-5 minute audio-visual introduction with maps, graphics and animation.
After the introduction, the scenario displays an interactive map, with thematic icons linked to text, pictures, video clips and spoken audio on the chapterís subject.
Nominated for Premio Möbius Multimedia - Lugano 1996
420 maps, over 4 hours of audio material, 500 pictures, 20 minutes of digital video clips, about 1000 pages of text.

Available versions:
Voyage in World History (CD-ROM, English).

Licensed versions:
Viaggio nella Storia. Atlante storico interattivo, Si.Lab - Italy
Viaggio nella Storia. Atlante storico interattivo (Book, 3 CD-ROMs), school version, Si.Lab/Tramontana - Italy
Historica. Weltgeschichte multimedial erleben, Cornelsen Software - Germany
Atlas de História Geral, Ática Multimedia - Brazil
Atlas Historico Universal Multimedia, Quo/Hachette Filipacchi - Spain
Voyage in World History (2 CD-ROMs), Films & Sciences for the Humanities - U.S.A.
Licenses available for other countries.

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Africa Folk Music Atlas, Book, CD-ROM (Win), 3 Audio CDs
Africa - Folk Music Atlas is the first volume of World Music Atlas, a series aiming at exploring the origins of music in the world by means of music, literature and multimedia instruments. The first volume of the series is dedicated to Africa since African music has proved to be the rhythmic and melodic basis of most contemporary musical genres. The work, the result of in-depth research on African musical traditions, is made-up of one book, three Audio CDs of 60 min. each, a CD-ROM.
The CD-ROM is an interactive musical atlas, a multimedia anthology of sound that offers a formidable sampling of the enormous and variegated musical tradition of Africa. The interactive programme privileges the sound-track as much as possible, so as to offer an ample section of excerpts for a total of more than 5 hours of music listening. It is divided into five main sections: Ethnohistory, Music of the African People, Musical Instruments, Vocals, Modern African Music.
Nominated for Premio Möbius Multimedia - Lugano 1997; nominated for EuroPrix 1998; winner of Perseo d'Oro - Mediartech 1998.
CD-ROM Contents:
about 100 pages of text, 25 minutes of digital video, 25 interatctive maps, 150 photos.

Licensed versions:
Africa Atlante della musica tradizionale, Amharsi -Italy
Africa Folk Music Atlas, Films & Sciences for the Humanities - U.S.A.
Afrika Weltmusik - Atlas
, Intuition Music - Germany
Licenses available for other countries.

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Morocco. Sounds from an Ancient Land, Book, CD-ROM (Win), Audio CD
A monograph dedicated to Moroccan music, tradition and culture. This amazing voyage through the sounds and rhythms of this ancient land and fundamental cross-roads between eastern and western culture will reveal a lot of its charm and most fascinating aspects.
The illustrated book is accompanied by an Audio CD offering the best tracks of various traditional music styles, and by a CD-ROM that allows you to navigate through videos, images, music and hypertexts. The special interactive section dedicated to musical instruments is noteworthy.
Nominated for Premio Möbius Multimedia - Lugano 1998
CD-ROM Contents:
100 photographs, 10 minutes of digital video, 30 pages of text, 50 minutes of stereo tracks

Available versions:
Morocco - Sounds from an Ancient Land (Book, CD-ROM, Audio CD - English)
Maroc - A la découverte de la musique
(Book, CD-ROM, Audio CD - French)
Marocco - Suoni da una terra antica (Book, CD-ROM, Audio CD - Italian)
Licenses available world-wide

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Samba, CD-ROM (Win)
A project revealing the inner fascination of Samba. The history of Carnival, the origins of Samba and its links to the African culture are unveiled through sound, video and images, highlighting the less known aspects of the most popular Brazilian cultural phenomenon.
100 photographs, 10 minutes of digital video, 60 pages of text, 55 minutes of stereo tracks.

Licensed versions:
Samba, Si.Lab/Edizioni La Repubblica - Disco del Mese -Italy
Licences available world-wide

English evaluation copies available on request.

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Lemma Dictionary Engine, Software engine suitable to any languages
A dedicated software engine that assists in the development/adaptation and publication of dictionaries for electronic publishing. Supports RTF importing, automatic or manual text tagging, full text search, and optional audio pronunciation of words, images, and many other features. A verb declension engine has been developed and can be adapted to almost any language, with easy support for any number of verbal forms and classes, irregular verbs, etc.

Licenses available world-wide
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